Q: How long does it take to make a sweater coat?
A: Each coat is a process of hunting and gathering materials which may happen in a couple visits to the thrift shop or it may take a longer time to find just the right sweater! Once I have 8 or 10 sweaters that I like together I can make a coat in a day or so if I don’t get interrupted!

Q: How were you inspired to reconstruct clothing.
A: I have dabbled in recycling materials for years and enjoy looking at others works. One day I ran acrossed a designer named Katwise who made coats from sweaters with the seams on the outside, I loved the wave it created when using this method so I wanted one. Katwise make beautiful stuff but with a big price and was too much for me so I decided to make my own, which Katwise encourages people to do and I thank her for her inspiration! So I made one then another and another and now it has been 5 years later. I try to do new things every season and have really enjoyed the T-shirt dresses.

Q: I love your work but I’m too old to wear it don’t you think>?
A: Hell No! I think of my clothing as “play Clothes” for adults. I do understand that it not everyone’s’ taste but that is what makes it all the better when you do like it. If you like it do not ask your husband or girlfriend if they like it, if you like it….. wear it! Life is too short to wear ugly K-mart clothes!!!

Q: I have my husbands ties can you make me a skirt?
A: Sure I will need 20 all in the same color wheel!

Q: Who designed your website?
A: Kyle Warford | Web Developer