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    Portable Dressing Room!

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    My vending Shop!

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    Nice to be recognized for my work.

Do what you love because life is too dam short!

Being #5 or 8 kids was not always easy but it help develop my creative side. I realize I should not take this gift for granted. So after 20 years working in the mental health field it was time to move forward and do what makes me happy.

I like to try new things and developing new skills and having fun doing so. The past few years I have been reconstructing clothing and having make was very cool pieces. I like selling on etsy but enjoy meeting my customer face to face at shows across New York state and a little beyond. My customers love to try on and feel the clothes I make and enjoy the fact that they are all one of a kind.

I also like the idea of repurposing clothing rather than having them end up in the land fills, I can breathe new life into something. I love the look on peoples faces when they are first seeing my creations…a look of oh this is very cool, what is this? I also truthfully like the faces of the ladies who would never in a million years wear my clothes….they have the I smell something bad look on their faces… snobby nose in the air faces…yes I am amused by this ! The little voices in my head say yeah go back to Walmart & Target and get your $5 shirt lady!
These mall shoppin’ woman are few and far between but they are out there, can’t please everyone and I’m not about to try!